Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy

*Customer are requested to check this cancellation policy before to cancel the reservations. Sai Cabs will not be responsible for further kind issues.


1) Booking is made 1 day, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc in advance and if have to cancel then at least before 24hrs it should cancel and no any cancellation charges will apply.

2) Cancellation after within 24 hrs will attract bellow given cancellation charges.

  • 25% on booking amount when, booking get cancelled Between 24 hrs to 12 hrs before pickup.
  • 40% on booking amount when, booking get cancelled Between 12 hrs to 6 hrs before pickup.
  • 50% on booking amount when, booking get cancelled Between 6 hrs to 3 hrs before pickup.
  • 75% on booking amount when, booking get cancelled Between 3 hrs to 1 hrs before pickup.
  • 100% on booking amount when, booking get cancelled ON THE SPOT.

3) In case of any emergency situation like, related to hospital, accident, death, delayed in flight, train will not attract any cancellation charges.

4) In the case of prepone and postpone the booking also will not be applicable for cancellation charges.

5) In the case of Prepone, though booking is preponed and car is not available for that particular time then also customer needs to be pay the cancellation charges i.e 50% on booking amount.

6) If booking maker is different and traveler is different who cancel the booking then also above all cancellation policies will be applicable for booking maker not to traveler.

2 Refund Policy

*All customers are requested to check this refund policy before to cancel any reservation against which you have made the payment in advance.

1) According to Sai cabs company policy, customer will surely get the refund within 15 working days after processing.

2) If booking get canceled from Sai Cabs then whole amount get refunded to that particular customer.

3) If booking get canceled from customer end then processing charges will apply and rest amount will get refund to customer and kindly contact to our account team to know the amount of that processing charges.

4) In march ending session it will get the almost more than 15 days to process and refund to the customers.

5) No need to provide a credit/debit cards details, who has made the payment via cards. It will get refunded automatically in their particular card itself.

6) If any customer wasnt their refund in their bank account then, they needs to send account details on Sai cabs official email id’s with reference to booking no.

7) If customer request to do it by cash then, we regret to same because we never do the refund on cash basis.

8) Through cheque will get the refund if anybody interested in the same.

9) Once we process the refund then customer will get the one official email from right cabs to know about their refund status.

10) Customers are requested to inform us once they get their particular amount of refund successfully.